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Our Central Warehouse in Ettlingen

The central warehouse is located in Ettlingen. All European production plants send their output here. We stock them in our warehouse and when ordered by our clients we pick, pack and send them into the whole world. Sometimes we deliver them into our sales warehouses (small units in UK, Italy, Sweden, Spain and bigger units in China, Singapore, Thailand and USA), but mostly we send them directly to our clients worldwide.
In our 6.000 m˛ we have got 8.500 pallet places. We handle around 56.000 orders per year, which means the preparation of 142.000 order lines and the handling of 47.000 shipments!

Our incoming goods department receives 12 full truckloads of goods from the production plants per day in average and 30 trucks load our goods daily for direct shipments to our clients. Additionally we have around 180 daily parcel shipments.
We move 56.000 tons per year in and as many out. 2 shifts of 15 people are working on these volumes from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 pm.

Further employees are working in our administration department: 3 persons to prepare all our export deliveries, 2 persons for our shipments within the EU, 2 persons in our customer service, one person in our IT department and one Site Manager. Together with the warehouse staff they all give their best to make sure that the goods arrive in time.

Last but not least we have the Logistics Management located in Ettlingen. Supported by theassistant and the controlling the Logistics Manager is responsible for worldwide logistic projects within the Vossloh Schwabe group.

This year our football team will be supported by external players from other VS entities. We feel happy about the support from Elektrobau Oschatz (EBO) and about the support from the IT department in Urbach!

We are all looking forward to seeing the results in this year’s tournament!
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