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The VS-Cup is over! With the theme "A summer fairy tale in Ettlingen" we had a nice and pulsating tournament. After a hard but fair final match the best Team was decided between VS Italia and VS Urbach. Urbach won 5:3 in penalty shootout. You can find all results in the folowing tables.
Group matches
Results Group AResults Group B
Team 1Team 2Result
VS LogisticVS Opto1:0
VS LogisticVS Italia0:3
VS ItaliaVS Opto2:0
Team 1Team 2Result
VS VS FranceVS Urbach1:2
VS LüdenscheidVS VS France0:3
VS UrbachVS Lüdenscheid2:1
Standings Group AStandings Group B
TeamGoal differencePoints
VS Italia56
VS Logistic-23
VS Opto-30
TeamGoal differencePoints
VS Urbach26
VS Frankreich23
VS Lüdenscheid-40
Match to come in 5th
3rd Group A3rd Group BResult
VS OptoVS Lüdenscheid0:2
Semifinal 1Semifinal 2
1st Group A2dn Group BResult
VS ItaliaVS France2:0
2dn Group A1st Group BResult
VS LogisticVS Urbach0:2
Penalty Shootout to come in 3rd
Loser SF1Loser SF2Result
VS FranceVS Logistic5:4
Final Match
Winner SF1Winner SF2Result
VS ItaliaVS Urbach3:5
1stVS Urbach
2dnVS Itala
3rdVS France
4thVS Logistic
5thVS Lüdenscheid
6thVS Opto
Therefore the Logistic have managed it. And like Coatch Maik Urban announced they handed over the red light of the worst team back to VS Opto.

A special congratulation to the winner of this year's tournament VS Urbach for professional played matches and winning the challenge cup for the second time.

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