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Tournament rules VS-Cup 2008, SG Siemens stadium

General points
  • The teams competing should arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of play.
  • The organisers are not responsible for the cloakroom and take no liability for any damages.
  • In the case of a dispute, the arbitration panel will decide. The decision of the arbitration panel is final.
  • The arbitration panel is comprised of the tournament management and a representative of each of the 6 teams participating
Number of players
  • A team shall be comprised of a maximum of 22 players
  • The team shall field 10 field players and 1 goalkeeper on a full-sized pitch.
  • The tournament shall be played in two groups (A + B) with 3 teams each.
  • Within the groups the 3 teams will play against each other.
  • After the group matches the final group ranking will lead to the final fixture
  • And also for the two semi-finals (1st placed of group A against 2nd placed of group B and 2nd placed of group A against 1st placed of group B)
    • For the ranking game for rank 5+6 (3rd placed of group A against 3rd placed of group B)
    • A penalty shoot-out between the semi-final runner-ups will decide about rank 3+4.
  • The winners of the semi-finals will play in the final for the tournament championship.
Playing time and procedure
  • The first named team shall play on that side that is closer to the tournament management and take the kick-off. In the case of matching colours, this team must change their shirts / colours.
  • The 6 group games will go over 20 minutes, the 4 final games 25 minutes each.
  • The kick-off time is shown on the respective programme.
  • There shall be neither changes of ends nor a half-time break.
  • In case two teams have equal number of points after the group games, they decide the final group ranking by a penalty shoot-out.
  • In case all three teams in a group have equal points, the final group ranking will be decided by a special penalty shoot-out process.
  • In case one of the final games ends in a draw after regular playing time, the game’s winner will be determined by penalty shoot-out.
Rules of play
  • Play will proceed in accordance with the rules of the Badischer Fussballverband e.V. .
  • The games with participation of VS Logistics will be valued with 5:0 goals and 3:0 points for the benefit of VS Logistics totally independent from the actual result.
  • The referee shall be able to give a player a caution, a suspension or permanent sending-off.
  • In the case of a suspension, the team shall not be allowed to bring on a substitute until 5 minutes have elapsed.
  • In the case of a permanent sending-off, for the remainder of the match, no substitute may be brought on for the player in question and the said player no longer has the right to play in the remaining matches.
  • The substitution of players is permitted as often as desired and the incoming player may only enter at the halfway line. The team must wait for a stoppage in play before effecting a substitution.

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