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Interview with Vossi

Vossi is the mascot of the VS Logistics Team from Ettlingen and of the VS Cup 2008. We met Vossi for an interview to ask him about the upcoming tournament, the chances of VS Logistics to win the tournament and about his personal schedule until June 21st.
Vossi, being the mascot of this yearís VS Cup, you are certainly best informed about the program of the tournament and what the guests can expect on this weekend. Can you provide us some background information?
Well, most of them are still top secret. I donít want to spoil any of the planned surprises. But let me tell you a few things: There will be some attractions for you and your kids. You can visit the warehouse and location in Ettlingen if you like or go for shopping in Karlsruhe. Food and drinks will be available all day long and weíll give our best to keep you entertained. On top, there will be a lottery in aid of our sponsored child with an unforgettable 1st prize.
That sounds auspicious. You are very close to the team. How are this yearís chances for the VS Logistics team to win the cup?
The team is in a good shape and we are having training sessions on a regular basis. With support from Oschatz and Urbach the strong VS Logistics team will be the top candidate for this title. And letís be honest, every single match will be a home match for VS Logistics. Our Cheerleader crew will be a big support as well.
So, the planning committee do their best, the team is in good shape but how do you prepare yourself for the tournament?
I was temporarily released from daily work to care about my fur as kids will be allowed to pet me. Moreover, I go for work-out twice a day as I have still a slight hope that I can join the team and perform in one of the matches.
Thank you very much for your time, Vossi. We wish you, the VS Logistics Team and all teams joining the cup all the best and we are looking forward to June 21st and a summer fairy tale in Ettlingen.
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