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World Vision Sponsorship:

Our sponsored child:
Vaishali CHAKRE SHANKAR, 10 years old

Vaishali lives together with her parents in a project village called „Omerga ADP (Area Development Project)“. The project village is located in the Indian Federal State of Maharashtra (close to the eastern border of the Federal State of Karnataka). The majority of the inhabitants in this region live on agriculture and predominantly under poor conditions.
The Federal State of Maharashtra gained notoriety in 1993. The earthquake at that time killed 25.000 people and more than 1.000.000 houses were destroyed.

World Vision transformed the relief project which was funded as a short-term project in 1993 into a long-term development aid project. Today there are around 45.000 people living in this project and there are more than 1.250 sponsorships for children.

World Vision plans and realizes the project activities together with the village people and cooperates closely with governmental departments
Essentially the money is being spent for the following scopes:
  • Health and Sanitation: A component of this is primary health care, availability of drinking water, prevention of diseases (education, immunizations) and especially fighting the spread of HIV.
  • Education and School: Providing of school uniforms, teaching materials and especially the advancement of girls as they are still disadvantaged.
  • Family Benefits: Vocational education to prevent migration into cities, small loans for setting up a business
  • Advancement of Women: Informative events, trainings und special girls’ clubs
A part of the monthly contribution benefits the sponsored child and his family directly and assures the primary health care, school attendance and guarantees a balanced diet. The rest of the monthly donation benefits the project.

Vaishali with corrugated iron sheet for building a shelter

Vaishali with huge fan for her and her family
The contact to our sponsored child:

Since the beginning of our sponsorship in August 2005 we’ve been in close contact with Vaishali. Vaishali sends us letters on a regular basis and tells us about her life in India, especially about school and the project activities in her village.

Furthermore we get annual reports from World Vision every year telling us details about Vaishali’s state of health, her school achievement and personal information.

For Christmas we always send a parcel full of toys and stationary. More often than not we are able to collect a special donation which benefits the family and the project.

In return Vaishali sends us letters and photographs of the things that have been bought with the money.

The proceeds of the lottery will fully benefit our sponsored child and the project "Omerga ADP".

We’d like to say thank you on behalf of Vaishali and World Vision for your support!

Our first prize is worth looking at – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Annual Report

Vaishali’s teacher and classmates with new furniture for the classroom
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